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World War II War Heroes

Abilene, TX Servicemen Discharged Jul 1945World War II
Alexander, Douglas - Staff Sergt.World War II
Allen, William Jr. - LieutWorld War II
Alva, Stephen - PfcWorld War II
Amarillo, TX Men in the Service, Nov 1943World War II
Antonish, MichaelWorld War II
Army Air Force Pilots Shoot Down Nazi Planes, Dec 1944World War II
Arriola, ConradoWorld War II
Babcock, HaroldWorld War II
Bailes, Keith C. - S-SgtWorld War II
Baird, Herbert WoodWorld War II
Baker, Archie, Jr.World War II
Baker, James C.World War II
Baker, Sam M. - 2nd LieutenantWorld War II
Barber, Robert H. - T. SgtWorld War II
Barnam, James C. - 2nd LieutWorld War II
Beauhuld, William W. "Billy"World War II
Belaska, John World War II
Bell, Houston ClaytonWorld War II
Berrien County, MI World War II Soldiers News, Aug 1945World War II
Bertram, Thomas Wayne - PfcWorld War II
Bethard, Myron G. "Bud"World War II
Bianchi, John H. Jr - CplWorld War II
Borgstrom, Boyd - PFCWorld War II
Bradley County, AR VeteransWorld War I | World War II | Korean Conflict
Braham, WalterWorld War II
Brandt, Barbara Brooke - EnsWorld War II
Braselton, S. J. Jr.World War II
Breese, John and WilliamWorld War II
Bridges, DickWorld War II
Brocka, Stephen E.World War II
Brown, NormanWorld War II
Brown, WilliamWorld War II
Browne, Hal Jr. - LieutWorld War II
Brubaker, George - PfcWorld War II
Buckner, Robert CookeWorld War II
Burger, Martha Jane "Bunny" MillerWorld War II
Busby, Joel P. - Tech Sergt.World War II
Butler, Howard G. - T.SgtWorld War II
Butler, Raymond Lee - Pfc.World War II

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