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War of 1812 War Heroes

Armstrong, Robert Sr.War of 1812
Baker, William Jr.War of 1812
Brown, GeorgeWar of 1812
Burton, DavidWar of 1812
Castleton, VT War of 1812 SoldiersWar of 1812
Cronk, HiramWar of 1812
Dunn, FrancisWar of 1812
Dunn, JamesWar of 1812
Gates, LutherRevolutionary War | War of 1812
Hunter, MathewWar of 1812
Jones, Elias A.War of 1812
Jones, StephenWar of 1812
Kaster, PhilipWar of 1812
Kelso, JohnWar of 1812
Ludlow, VT War of 1812 SoldiersWar of 1812
McConnell, JohnWar of 1812
McKnight, RobertWar of 1812
Miller, AdamWar of 1812
Nelson, David - Col.War of 1812
New Haven, CT Soldiers Buried in Westville Cemetery to 1880War of 1812 | Civil War
Pifer, GeorgeWar of 1812
Russell, SamuelWar of 1812
Russell, Samuel Sr. - LieutenantWar of 1812
Shippen, Henry - Hon.War of 1812
Virginia Military Dead DatabaseRevolutionary War | War of 1812 | Mexican War | Civil War | Spanish American War | World War I | World War II | Korean Conflict | Vietnam War | Gulf War | Iraqi Freedom
Virginia War of 1812 Payroll and Muster RollsWar of 1812
Whann, FrancisWar of 1812
Whann, Robert S.War of 1812
Whitford, OliverWar of 1812
Wilson, JacobWar of 1812

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